Ctrl Alt Del is the company behind CADStudio, Octo-Pos and FAST brand for resolving every industry technological needs.
The Computer Key Logo trademark of Ctrl Alt Del serve as a iconic status for every clientele that what’s difficult to resolve in their technological needs, can be resolved by Ctrl Alt Del at a keystroke of a keyboard. Ctrl Alt Del has designed and fulfilled a whole cycle of Technological needs ranging from Enterprise Resource Planning to Malware Challenges ever since it’s incubation. 

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Ctrl Alt Del’s award winning products include Enterprise Resource Planning software such as Customer Relationship Management, Inventory Management, Human Resource Management, Point Of Sale, Accounting and Point of Sale. The company also utilizes latest QR code technology, embedded in it’s latest FAST queue management software. Services such as our Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Testing and Intrusion Detection program helps ensure every clientele that the company serves, are well protected from their digital assets. The company additionally provides training guides and coding program for the needy through its Corporate Social Responsibility program.

The company has a wide south east asia footprint with 2 offices in China and Singapore and have recently been invited to exhibit the company product at the inaugural Tech in Asia (Jakarta).

Founded in 2018 with it’s headquarter anchored in Singapore, Ctrl Alt Del Pte ltd is a wholly-owned private company owned by 2 security tech enthusiast who seek to provide latest yet affordable technology to everybody in the world. 


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