Customized vs Off the Shelf  ERP 2.0
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Customized vs Off the Shelf ERP 2.0

On our previous post here. We talked about the budgeting factor of choosing between Customized or Off the Shelf ERP. Today We’ll talk on the Architecture & Flexibility factor for considering between Customized or the latter.

  • Architecture

Customized ERP: The architecture of customized ERP allow one to be highly robust and scalable, As such system are built with great accuracy and with a absolute clear understanding of each organization process flow.

Off the Shelf ERP: As everything is already being completed before understanding the organization work flow. There’re often chances of stringent and complex architectural set up which may create issue during the implementation phase. Off the shelf ERP systems are often not suitable when organization could not afford any changes in its workflow.

  • Flexibility

Customized ERP: Customized ERP always provide a better user experience than off the shelf ERP. This is because of the mapping with each user requirement that’s done in the fact finding phase itself, there’s a 99% flexibility in the solution that meet each user expectations.

Off the shelf ERP: Sometimes, off the shelf ERP may not fit as per the organization’s structure and wordflow. It have little to none flexibility in terms of workflow structuring, for instance, changing an entire module or adding a new function can prove to be a difficult/more expensive choices.

2.0 in a nutshell

With all pointer said, 2.0 delved into the Flexibility and Architecture considering factor for all user seeking to build an ERP for their own organization.
Here’s the takeaway: If the organization is new and have no existing workflow structure, Off the shelf will be suitable and much more cost effective for your organization. However, should the organization be a established company, one should always look out for customized as there’s a huge flexibility in integrating its workflow into the ERP Software.

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