CAD Studio

From CRM to Inventory, CAD has come up with it's very own Cadstudio ERP software which caters to every department that our client have. With the flexibility of our software, CAD ensures that each and every one of our client business processes is being 'ported' over to the digital landscape to ensure high efficiency in each of it's department.


> 20%

Increase in Business Productivity and Efficiency

Fully Customizable Software

With over 600 functional module available, our ERP is fully customizable to accept any kind of process flow that our client need

Multi Platform Development

Access our ERP software anytime, anywhere with our multi platform compatibility.

On-the-go access with Cloud

View the entire company remotely with our cloud access. live report on the current company status wherever you're, whenever you're.

Food and Beverage
Spa & Wellness
Access it anywhere and anytime. —

One System is all you'll need.

Customized Software to address your business needs quickly and accurately.

Multiple Platform Design and Development

Fully Integratable with 3rd Party API

SSL Encryption Secure Cloud Data Storage

We Are

Peppol Ready!

Transact easily with Government Bodies

Get paid faster

Eco Friendly

Cost saving on hard copy storage and paper printing


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