How CADstudio can benefit F&B Businesses

How CADstudio can benefit F&B Businesses

CADstudio is a Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) that allows a business to integrate all of the critical aspects of its operation by using a system of integrated applications to manage and automate functions related to operations, services and human resources. Competitive businesses operating within the food and beverage landscape require an up-to-date ERP system, capable of managing vendors, customers, logistics, production and quality control.

No two businesses are exactly alike, even though there will be many similarities across the same industry. Always focusing on what’s unique to your circumstances and ensuring that those priorities are met is an important consideration. This approach has a greater opportunity of meeting your needs and producing a successful business outcome. Below we consider some functionalities from CADstudio that add the needed expertise and value to any sized business to help you isolate what matters most to your business:

1. System Integration

The ability to integrate multiple systems for all the areas in your company is a very important feature. A single-source system allows you to locate all your business data — financial, production, inventory, compliance, etc. — into one integrated system that gives you access to all your information in real time. Business analysis is improved exponentially when data from every key area is available to you.

2. Sales and Inventory Management

Sales and inventory management are an essential part of a food and beverage ERP system. Inventory optimization is critical because ingredients (as noted) have a shelf-life. By knowing when a product needs to be moved or consumed by is an ongoing concern for food and beverage manufacturers. CADstudio has a built-in alert mechanism to advise managers when ingredients are nearing or past their expiration date is mandatory information. Recent studies confirm that over 50% of food and beverage companies make mistakes anticipating demand, either wasting stock or losing sales. In CADstudio, it comes with the ability to manage stock efficiently, avoiding both spoilage and shortage. This data is then linked to sales order data to provide managers with critical information about stock levels, stock location (if applicable) and replenishing stock to optimum levels. This function saves time and money by providing data accuracy and efficiency.

3. Financial Management

CADstudio ensures that costs and expenses are accurately recorded, ready to provide information on the bottom line. This is an important key to successful business management because it provides the ability to analyze your company information for informed decision-making from all areas of your business.

4. Human Resource Management

With CADstudio, HR and Management can manage employees like never before. CADstudio provide functions that helps in recruiting, training, and monitoring employees such as:

1- A communication portal for your whole team – organize discussions around products, services and more.
2- Automated messages to keep employees informed and help manage vital processes for your business.
3- Tools to manage timesheets, leaves and expenses.
4- Automated and customizable reports and analytics.
5- Quick access to vital employee data ( Contact information, schedule and leaves)

Having reasonable control over the many functional areas that are involved in running a food and beverage company is a demanding and onerous task. Without an integrated ERP software system in place, the task is less efficient, more costly and has a higher probability of failing to achieve both your business strategies and long term goals. An investment now in an ERP system can provide your business with the support structure it needs for weathering the challenges and helping you reap the rewards.

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